JURONG GROUP | Memorial service on the seventh anniversary of Mr. Sun Liping's death

Issuing time:2021-08-20 08:52

August 20th is the anniversary of the death of Mr. Sun Liping, founder of Jurong Group and outstanding representative of the first generation of entrepreneurs emerging in the development process of jiangnan chemical industry. Today, the company held a memorial ceremony to pay high tribute to Mr. Sun Liping, who dedicated his life to the development of Jurong and the local economy, and to express our deep memory.

Nearly 100 people attended the memorial ceremony, including representatives of Jurong Group and its subsidiaries, and Mr. Sun Liping's relatives and friends. Every year on this day, people spontaneously come from far and wide to mourn the leader of Jurong.

Mr. Sun Liping's life is a vivid portrayal of the spirit of The Times with reform and innovation as the core. He is a doer who faces challenges and rises to the challenge, a pioneer who is innovative and brave, a manager who recognizes and cherishes talents and loves talents, a philanthropist who gives back to the public with sincere heart, and a life mentor who keeps moving forward with heavy burdens and works hard.

In the memorial ceremony, we reviewed the past work and life of Mr. Sun Liping with their own personal experience, felt the spiritual inspiration he brought us, and carried forward and inherited the entrepreneurship, innovation, respect for talent, dedication and struggle spirit of the generation of entrepreneurs he represented. Ordinary entrepreneurial stories, bold and important decisions, and moving charitable acts have made everyone deeply feel the influence and guidance of Mr. Sun Liping.

"This year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the first year of the country's 14th Five-Year Plan. At this important juncture of time, it is of great significance for the company to hold the seventh anniversary memorial event for my father, Mr. Sun Liping." Jurong group chairman, Mr Xiao said "carry forward the spirit of enterprise, firmly support one hundred jurong, a long way to go, it should be a bright future, we must grasp the important point" nurture new opportunities in the crisis, creat a new situation in the turbulent situation”, seize the advantages of Yangtze River Delta Integration demonstration pilot zone, always with the attitude of striver to write jurong colorful chapter of the new era, Keep moving forward towards the grand goal of 'One hundred years of Jurong'!"

Although Sun Liping has been gone for seven years, his life and his story are still passed on by word of mouth among jurong people and will be remembered by all people forever. Mr.Sun is the founder of Jurong, the cultural symbol of Jurong, and the spiritual mentor of all Jurong people. He has devoted his whole life to the revitalization of the domestic chemical industry and the development of local economy. While realizing the value of his own life, he has set an example for us to learn from. His story should be remembered by us and his spirit is worth learning. As a builder of one hundred Jurong, I should stand firm in support of my ideal and principle as Mr. Sun, brave in pioneering and innovation, and strive to be a pioneer of The Times.

Every generation of entrepreneurs comes to an end, but the entrepreneurial spirit championed and practiced by them never retires or goes out of style. We should remember and inherit the spirit of Mr. Sun Liping, and strive to build Jurong into a functional chemical enterprise with sustainable development for one hundred years!