Yinyan contributes to the development of education

Issuing time:2021-08-31 09:01

Enterprise named education funds visit activities, party secretary of ZhouTie Town Chen Zhongqiang, chairman of the National People's Congress Jiang Zhenping, and deputy town chief Wu Junhua, general manager of JIANGSU YINYAN Hu Yanping, deputy general manager of HuaRen construction group co., LTD and branch secretary Qian Yuwu, minister of jiangsu Citic guoan new material co., LTD. Jiang Xintong and a group of town workers, We will visit Zhoutie Primary School, Zhoutie Middle School and Xingzhi Experimental School in groups to reward teachers and students who have excellent performance in education. We will inspire teachers and students to strive with enthusiasm and motivation, continue to work hard and make achievements, and contribute to the comprehensive construction of a modern socialist country.

YINYAN YuanDing Award

Yinyan Gardener Award was founded in June 2003 and now has 19 rounds, then set the bonuses for 50000 yuan a year in 2014 to 100000 yuan a year for the teachers who get excellent achievements in the work of education teachers in schools of our town, to encourage all the teachers to get achievements in the education work, strove to be the first to create a good atmosphere of the whole society to respect teachers and value education, Over the past 18 years, more than 1.25 million yuan funds have been issued.


Hu Yanping, General Manager of Jiangsu Yinyan Chemical Industry Co., LTD. (first from right)


Students have a dream, build the future together!

To promote the development of education, we are taking action!