JURONG GROUP | Relive 20 years ago today

Issuing time:2021-09-03 09:13


On September 3, 2001, accompanied by Sun Liping, then chairman of JIANGSU YINYAN SPECIALTY CHEMICALS CO.,LTD. Wen Jiabao, then Vice Premier of The State Council, went deep into yinyan Plant, inspected the sewage treatment tank and sewage treatment laboratory in detail, and listened carefully to Sun's detailed report on sewage treatment and sewage discharge. "Sewage treatment, as an important link in the sustainable development of cities and towns, is an important part of building a civilized, harmonious and healthy society, and is the key to reduce the spread of diseases and protect underground water sources," premier Wen stressed. As an enterprise, we must properly handle the relationship between economic development and environmental protection, and strive to achieve sustainable social and economic development."


In 2001 premier Wen Jiabao inspected Yinyan Chemical industry chairman Sun Liping accompanied


Mr. Sun Liping, chairman of Jiangsu Yinyan Chemical Industry Co., LTD. (middle of the picture)

The golden key to time - "chemical giant" Sun Liping

From a little-known township enterprise to the "chemical giant" in Northern Jiangsu

In the mid-1980s, 29-year-old Sun Liping dared to "test the waters" and actively participated in the tide of market economy. He founded Yixing Zhoutie Printing and Dyeing Auxiliary Factory with self-raised funds, taking his first step in entrepreneurship. After 20 years of painstaking efforts, the enterprise from a private enterprise with only four employees and ten yuan funds,developed to four production base of chemical enterprises in Xiangshui, Taixing, Yixing , Jiaxing , mainly engaged in acrylic acid, epoxy ethane and products in the field of new materials and the development and application of new technology.

In the enterprise operation, he strategizes, judges the situation, keeps pace with The Times and makes reform again and again. He takes the opportunity and actively seeks for change, is brave and resourceful, free to advance or retreat, and wins opportunities for the development and growth of the enterprise. He insisted on product innovation, technology innovation, so that the enterprise in the fierce market competition in an invincible position. After years of concentrated management, the company's comprehensive strength and export earnings are ranked among the top ten in Yixing City, Yinyan has become a well-known brand in the industry.

Think of the source of wealth, return to society

Successful Sun Liping took the initiative to assume social responsibility, positive social returns. He helped the poor, donated for education, has invested millions of yuan to improve the teaching conditions of the schools in the town; He set up the "Gardener Award", and spent 100,000 yuan every year to encourage more excellent teachers to be motivated and innovative, so as to help more children achieve their dreams. (Now, after his death, sun Xiao, chairman of Jurong Group, continues to inherit this public welfare cause.) He paid attention to the status of the disadvantaged group's children, and actively carried out educational activities; He actively supports the cause of the elderly, has invested funds to improve the nursing home facilities, to help solve the basic living problems of the elderly; He was concerned about the military construction, funding to support the construction of local troops and fire brigade, improve the living conditions of officers and soldiers, improve the level of equipment; In order to give back to the society and the surrounding people, he invested heavily in supporting local urban construction, building Bridges and paving roads and other practical projects concerning people's livelihood. He kept disastrous situation、disaster area and victims in his heart , 2008 Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake, the first time to donate 1 million yuan to support disaster relief, rebuild their homes...... The unpretentious private entrepreneur used his silent action to write a song of great love!


Speech by Ms. Hu Yanping of "Silver Yan Yuan Ding Award"


"Silver Yan Yuan Ding Award" award ceremony for teachers and students



Relive the day 20 years ago, and re-talk with Sun Liping, who paid back and contributed to the society with his practical actions. He taught Jurong people to embrace their dreams, work hard;be diligent and generous; When drinking water, think of the source and return to society. As Jurong people in the new era, we will remain true to our original aspiration, keep our mission firmly in mind, fulfill our duties and forge ahead.