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Issuing time:2021-09-10 09:33


A crane silver mirror the sun steps blood new flowers.

There are two sentences in the Book of Rites: "A teacher is easy to get, but a teacher is hard to find." Time flies does not return, we don’t understand some truth when young, feel precious when growing up. From the ignorant youth to the return, never forget those mentors on the road of life! In fact, not only the teachers in school, but also the people tech us in working and life,they are all our teachers. Teacher's Day, in the name of the teacher, thank you for every special you!

To the teachers in school

A chalk; uncorrupted; three feet of the podium, four seasons. Every teacher thinks he is an ordinary person and doing an ordinary work. In fact, they are changing countless ordinary us, and our extraordinary future. Everyone was a student. No matter what kind of occupation you are engaged in, no matter how outstanding your achievements, how prominent fame and status, we have got the harvest of a lifetime of inexhaustible wealth from the teacher. Podium, desk, changing seasons, teaching. Thank you, my school teacher!

To the Mentor of my Family

Family is our first classroom, parents are children's first teachers.

Like the poem of the Tang Dynasty: "The hands of a loving mother line, wandering onto clothing" From our parents, we learn how to behave, how to be brave and independent, and how to live. No matter where we are, there is always a thread around the warm home in our hearts.

Life love, parents grace, put up with all kinds of hardships, set an example. Thank you, my family mentor!

"To my workplace mentor"

Entering the workplace, when you are confused wandering, there is always a man on the road guide you in the right.

From workplace newbies to the workplace, cannot do without the help and encouragement of every leader, every colleague, or even a competitor, and they taught us a lot of work and the true meaning of life, let us grow and progress.

Job to job, the pilot. Thank you, my workplace mentor!

"To my friends"

Confucius said: " three people trip, must have I teacher“. There are always a few people around   you and interpret for you, what is a friend, what is a bosom friend, what is friendship!

Grow up, gradually understand, our playmates are also our teachers. They teach us how to face life, accompany us and guide us through the ups and downs of life. We are busy, but care about each other, do not deliberately remember, because never forget.

Three people trip, must have I teacher. Stand together through thick and thin. Thank you, my friends!

Every teacher you meet is a lamp on the road

Maybe not that each light is very bright

But they can light your way in the direction

The teachers' day

A sincere heart with gratitude to salute you "teacher" in life