DANSON TECHNOLOGY | Study and promulgation of the "New Safety Law", safety production is emphasized

Issuing time:2021-09-27 09:34


Starting from September 1, 2021, the newly revised Work Safety Law will come into effect. For further study and implementation of the new revision of the production safety law of the People's Republic of China, further establish safe development concept, compaction security responsibility, strengthen production safety work. Recently, Yixing Danson Science and Technology Co.,Ltd, uses online-to-offline model,such as propaganda、enterprise WeChat group ect, advancing a new method of production safety training,creating a sound legal atmosphere for work safety.


Danson safety and environmental protection department solidly carried out the publicity and training work of "new security Law". In the afternoon of September 24,they organized publicity training for all staff, a total of more than 130 people participated in the training activity. This "New Security Law" publicity and implementation is mainly for the background of the revision and the main content, legislative process, eight highlights and revised content learning and other four aspects,making the profound explanation and analysis.

Through the promulgation and implementation of the New Safety Law, all departments are urged to promote the study and training of the New Safety Law layer, so that all safety responsible persons understand and clarify the statutory work safety duties and rights set forth in the New Safety Law, comprehensively strengthen the construction of work safety system, improve work safety conditions, urge work safety inspection, and eliminate all kinds of hidden dangers of accidents.  

After the training, all participants took in-class tests, three people got 60-80 record, and the rest scored above 80.   We have effectively tested the effectiveness of training on the New Security Law through "combination of learning and examination", requiring every employee to learn and understand the New Security Law, and not relax the "safety string".  


The general manager pointed out that the new safety law training and safety production knowledge training is the basis of all kinds of safety production work, to further implement the "adhere to the people first, life first" concrete embodiment. First, the company's managers should resolutely implement the central decision-making and deployment, implement new ideas, new concepts; Second, further improve the safety production responsibility system; Third, we need to strengthen prevention and response to new problems and risks. Fourth, increase the punishment for illegal acts, in strict accordance with the "three management and three must" requirements, active responsibility, initiative, fulfill their duties, perform their duties in accordance with the law, responsible for the company's high-quality steady development.


The release and implement of New "safety production law" puts forward higher requirements to current safety management work, through this training, the company management staff understand the party and the state's emphasis on safety production management, more in-depth、thorough、comprehensive learning new "safety production law", provide a solid theoretical foundation for the future production safety management work, laid a solid foundation for the company's safe and efficient production.