Group Dynamic

The pursuit of quality, law-abiding operation, standardized management

A crane silver mirror the sun steps blood new flowers.

70000 tons. TaiXing Jinyan alcohol ether project started successfully!

On September 3, 2001, wen Jiabao, then vice Premier of The State Council, inspected Yin-Yan Chemical  and fully affirmed its achievements in sewage treatment and environmental protection.

Education is the foundation of a century-long project.

Memorial service on the seventh anniversary of Mr. Sun Liping's death


"Absorb, only to offer more", innovation leads, win the future!

Keep in mind the history of Anti-Japanese War and carry forward the spirit of Anti-Japanese War



Danson technology sent the kind care and condolence money to the employees in need, and extend our sincere wishes!

Economic development zone (Qiting Street) Women's Federation held a pair activity of visiting poor students on June 1


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